Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

We went to the Christmas Eve service at LowCountry Community Church where we have been attending the last couple of months. I missed the children's service that they have each year at Fellowship. Afterwards, we came home and the kids opened their gift of Christmas PJs. Chris went to work and Ali went to bed. Then, Ian, Lia and I decorated cookies for Santa.

Lia woke Ian up at 12:25 am. Ian came downstairs to see if it was time open gifts. Thankfully, Santa had already come, but I promptly sent them back to bed. Those crazy kids! They came back down at 6am. I let Ali hang out in her bed till Chris got home so he could be there when she came downstairs.

Lia got an American Girl horse and riding outfit from Santa
Ian got a pellet gun from Santa
Ali got a Strawberry Shortcake house
She also got an American Girl bitty baby, but she could have cared less. I had to bribe her to even pick the doll up so I could get a picture. Her face just cracks me up.
Ian's new Karate outfit. He starts lessons in a couple weeks.
Lia has been asking for high heels for months now. These aren't exactly high heels, but she loves them just the same.

Lia's new gymnastics outfit
Chris made crab cakes. They were delicious!
So much food!
Lia got a HUGE bear from ma and pa
Ali's mega foot long caterpillar from ma and pa
Isabella playing on the caterpillar
We took a bike ride/golf cart ride after lunch.
Family Picture


Emily said...

OH this makes me miss you guys SO much! I can't believe Ian is going to take karate! You all look so good and happy! Glad for the whole family and miss you with all my heart! I'll write the kids letters soon and send them in the mail :) love ya!

Mimi said...

Great pictures! Especially the last one of all of you. Wish we could have been there too...miss you guys a lot.

Mimi said...

Just noticed the BEAUTIFUL chandelier in your dining room!!!!!