Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Introducing New Friends

A couple of weekends ago some couples from our neighborhood got together for a progressive dinner. We went to 5 houses in all throughout the evening. At the first house we had appetizers. Then we went to different houses for soup and salad, a pasta course, the main course, and dessert. We had a great time and the evening just flew by. I remember looking at my watch when we were starting the main course and it was 9:30 pm. We didn't host this year, but hopefully we can next year.

The girls
The Guys
Here I am with Allison and Trish. Both of these girls have been so sweet and welcoming. Allison is from Georgia and she has three kids. Trish is from the Dallas area and her husband actually lived in Fayetteville for a bit as a child. She has a daughter who just graduated from Oklahoma State University and she has a little boy who is almost 2.
This is Sarah. Sarah is from South Carolina, but her husband, Derek, is from eastern Oklahoma and he ran track at the University of Arkansas. He grew up with one of Chris' partners from Northwest in Springdale. Such a small world!
And this is Shelley. She is from Virginia and has two children.

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