Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ali Grace turns 3!

Ali turned 3 years old today!  My sweet baby girl is no longer a baby.  Ali loves to pretend that she is a puppy.  She even has a certain way she holds her hands to make them look like paws.  If you are not doing it correctly, she will tell you. :)  So, a puppy party it had to be for her 3rd birthday.  She has been so excited about her party and has been asking every day for a week, "it's my party today?". She was giddy when her friends started arriving and she wanted to hand out the goody bags when they left.  The weather was beautiful and her party was a big hit!

I got the idea for the balloons on a string, the puppy cupcakes, and the puppy dog food from Pinterest.  Love that site!  On one of my trips to Target, I got lucky and found the adorable "I love Puppies" shirt and cute skirt.  Ali hardly ever lets me put her hair up.  But, today I told her she really needed to have "puppy ears" for her party.  It worked!

You can look at all the pictures from her party here.


amyj said...

Unbearable cuteness. Adorable!

lsjsbear said...

Oh what a precious little doll! I love her puppy tails! Everything looks beautiful!