Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kansas City

I took the kids on a two week trip back to Missouri and Arkansas to visit family and friends. We flew into the Kansas City airport and stayed with my dad and Jill the first few days.

Ian had a great time at Worlds of Fun with aunt Jay, uncle Danny, Matthew and Mason. He got to stay up until midnight, which is super late for him. Lia got to be the center of attention when she and grandpa and grandma went to see the Smurfs movie.

My dad turns 60 in December. Since we aren't going to be able to travel back to Missouri in December, Jill put together a surprise 60th birthday party while we where there visiting. It was a small family affair at Bass Pro Shops and my dad was completely surprised. Of course he would be since his birthday is still 4 months away!

After the party, we went to the mall. The big kids got to ride in Jason's cop car and see all his equipment/guns stashed in the trunk. They thought that was super cool. Then they took a few rides on the carousel and the big kids also jumped on the big trampoline/harness contraption (I can't remember what the thing is called). :)

me, my sister Misti and Jay
grandma Jill and Lia - waiting on grandpa to arrive
Estella (Misti's daughter) and Ali Grace
Anna (Jason and Melissa's daughter) and Ali Grace
Jason is Jill's son
Ian and Mason
Matthew, Mo (Misti's husband), Estella and Misti

Meagan (Danny's sister), Danny and Jay

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