Monday, April 11, 2011

The Hogeye

Ali and I traveled back to Arkansas last Wednesday. We went to visit family and friends and so I could run the Hogeye, my second half-marathon. I had big plans of beating my first half-marathon time of 2:19. I put in many hours and had worked really hard to accomplish this goal. Unfortunately, it didn't happen this time around. The wind was brutal and never let up during the entire race. The first part of the course was pretty hilly too. I ended up walking at least 2 miles towards the end. Mentally, I just gave up at the end when I realized I was not going to get the time I wanted. My time was 2:40. I will just have to work harder for the next one! Heather and Amy ran with me. It is so much fun to run with friends!

Saturday afternoon we went to the Expo to get our bibs and then had lunch afterwards
Before the race, getting ready to run
I had just finished. Heather crossed the finish line about 35 minutes before me. She came back out on the course and ran the last bit with me. :)
The three of us - so happy to be finished!

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