Monday, April 11, 2011


It was so nice going back to Arkansas and Oklahoma to see family and friends. Ali and I got to hang out with Mimi and Papa and try out the Orange Leaf yogurt on Dickson St. Heather and I ran our old trail. Denise and I had dinner at PF Changs and did some shopping. I got to give Miss Emily a big hug and Ali got to play with the Dossett kiddos. We drove over to Tulsa to have a quick visit with Amy and to see my sister and her family. Plus, I woke up with vertigo Saturday morning and almost didn't get to run the hogeye! Thankfully, it passed . :) I also ran into friends at Target, which is so typical! It was such a great visit and I am looking forward to taking all three kiddos back this summer.
Sweet goodbye hugs with friends

Me and Denise
Miss Emily and Ali
Amy Jane and me
Uncle Danny and Ali Grace
Aunt Jay and Ali
Mason, Ali and Matthew
Me and my sis
me, mimi and Jay
Eating at Jason's Deli
Mom and me
Ali and Mimi
Ali and Papa

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