Friday, November 19, 2010


Ali is definitely in the terrible two's phase. The screaming is getting out of control. When she doesn't get what she wants, look out! Then on the other hand, she can just be the sweetest little thing. We were on my bed just hanging out and I started doing the "this little piggy" game with her toes and tickling her under her chin. She laughed and giggled and then when I stopped she said, "love you, mommy". So precious and without any prompting. :)

She also loves attention and her new thing is saying, "watch this, mommy". Then she proceeds to make a silly face. Then it's "watch this, daddy", "watch this, Ian", and "watch this, Lia". She will yell until you give her your attention.

Our subdivision, or Plantation as they call them here, is called Oldfield. It is really beautiful and full of lakes and trails. We have seen two alligators around one of the lakes. We keep and eye out for one of them that is usually hanging out in the same place.

We have a post office at the entrance to our subdivision. That is where we get our mail. It is kinda fun riding the golf cart to get the mail. The kids love to do it. But sometimes I miss just walking out to the curb to get the mail.

I'm having a hard time getting into the holiday spirit because the weather has been so nice. Guess I need to get the Christmas music going.

I have not been to a movie or the bookstore once. The bookstore is on Hilton Head Island and it takes about 30 minutes to get there. The only Panera is on the island too. We have eaten there once. We used to eat there at least once a week when we were in Arkansas. Ok, probably more like at least twice a week.

Heather and I have been talking about our next race. I'm getting pumped! I have ran a few times since we moved but I have got to get in gear if I am going to be running 13.1 miles again.

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Mimi said...

We should DEFINITELY go to the bookstore in January!