Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lia's Pajama Party

Lia had a pajama party this evening with her friends to celebrate her 5th birthday. Mimi made her adorable PJs - they match her beautiful blue eyes perfectly. :) The girls made slippers out of socks and puff paint, played "pass the pillow" and ate cookies and cupcakes. Lia opened her gifts and then the girls went upstairs to watch a movie. Well, they didn't really watch the movie. I decorated the bonus room with twinkle lights and pink balloons. The girls had so much fun playing with the balloons and then eventually popping them all! After three of the balloons popped in my face while I was blowing them up, I was tempted to forget the balloons. But I am so glad I didn't. They were one of Lia's favorite things about her party.
Since this was a "girls only" affair, Chris took Ian to t-ball practice and then out to eat. After it was all over I was a little sad that Chris and Ian missed Lia's party. We may not ban the boys at the next one. Lia missed them too. :)

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amyj said...

The party was great! That picture of them all on the couch is too cute.