Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kansas City

We traveled to Kansas City on Friday with all the kids. It was a long trip and we finally made it there around 10pm. Chris and I went to the Kenny Chesney concert on Saturday night and grandpa and grandma watched the kids for us Saturday afternoon and evening. We spent the afternoon at the Plaza and the weather was just beautiful. The concert started at 7:30pm, however Kenny did not start playing until 9pm. Lady Antebellum and Miranda Lambert opened for him. We had a really good time, but I have to say I was beat when the concert ended at 11pm. I guess I am just an old mommy now. :)

I finally got to meet my neice, Estella. She is so adorable. She is 3 weeks older than Ali. In pictures she looks months older than Ali, but in person she doesn't. It must be all the hair. :) Misti and Mo came over from Lawerence Saturday morning. Unfortunatley, Chris and I did not get to visit with them long because we were ready to leave the kids with the grandparents and head out to the Plaza. Misti and Mo stayed at Grandpa and Grandma's house most of the day and played with the kids. Mo even played tea party with Ian and Lia.

The trip home today went much better than the trip up there. I think I had blocked out just how much stuff you have to take with you when you travel with a baby.

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