Wednesday, July 2, 2008

HHI - Stingray and Hayride

We went to the beach again this morning. We packed a lunch to take with us and were enjoying a fun day at the beach. Then, I got stung by a stingray! Ouch!!! We were all out together floating on the waves and I stepped down and felt a horrible pain on the heel of my foot.

We walked back up to the beach and I sat down to take a look at my foot. I thought I had just cut it on a shell, but the pain was very intense. Yes, I cried. You would have too. :) My leg began to feel numb so I told Chris that I needed to get up and walk. As we were walking back to our chairs I began to feel very nauseous and dizzy so Chris laid me down on the sand and went to get the lifeguard. The lifeguard came over and immediately said that I had been stung by a stingray and that we needed to leave as soon as possible and get my foot soaking in the hottest water I could stand. Apparently, this deactivates the venom. He wrapped a hot pack around my heel and this helped concentrate the pain at my heel instead of all up my leg.

Thankfully, two guys, Mike and Jim, who were camped out next to us with their families on the beach came over and offered to help us get our stuff back to our car. They could not have been nicer. When we got to the beach this morning the main parking lot was full, so Chris had to park a good ways away. Mike and Jim got me, the kids, and all our stuff back to the parking lot and sat with us until Chris brought the car around. While we were waiting on Chris, Mike talked to the kids about helping me out when we got back to the condo. It was very sweet. He definitely has little kids.

So, we made it back to the condo and Chris filled the tub up with hot water and I soaked my foot for an hour. While I had it in the hot water my foot felt fine, but the minute I pulled it out it began to hurt again. Very strange. After a couple of hours, my foot felt much better and was really only sore and tender.

We scheduled a night time hayride earlier in the week for tonight and I was worried that I was going to have to stay behind because of my foot, but by this evening it was feeling better. We went back to the beach for dinner at the Beach Club and then took our night time hayride through the forest preserve. We saw alligators, two deer, bats and an opossum. It was really fun to experience nature at night. Things are so different than they are during the day.

Waiting on Daddy to park the car this morning

Playing in the sand after lunch

Dinner at the Beach Club

Heritage Farm is where we met our guide for the night time hayride. The home owners in Sea Pines are not allowed to have a garden on their lot, but they are each given a plot of land at the farm so that they can grow fruits and vegetables and flowers.

Each of the kids got a lizard pin before the hayride started
Lia is playing with a wooden musical instrument that is carved in the shape of a cricket. When you rub the back of the cricket the sound that comes out is the sound a cricket makes. They also had frog and alligator ones too.

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