Tuesday, July 1, 2008

HHI - Dinner with Family

We went to breakfast this morning at the Harbour Town Bakery and Cafe and spent some time chilling out in the tree swing. Then we were off to the grocery store. After we got back to our condo and got the groceries put away, we went back to the beach for awhile. Chris' parents, Ma and Pa, are also vacationing this week at Hilton Head. Uncle Roger and Aunt Margaret ( Ma's sister) were visiting from Moultrie, Georgia so we had everyone over to our place this evening for burgers.
Harbour Town Bakery and Cafe

Enjoying the tree swing
View from the tree swing
Right next to the cafe is the Nature Center. Ian loved hanging out in there and checking everything out. They have a 2 year old alligator, turtles, snakes and frogs and lots of books and miscellaneous nature objects.
Ian with a sharks mouth. There were at least 3 rows of teeth waiting to come in.
The oak trees are just amazing at Hilton Head.

Aunt Margaret, Uncle Roger, Pa, Lia, Ian, Ma, Christy and Chris

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