Sunday, May 4, 2008

Building the Storage Shed

Chris is in the process of building a storage shed on the hunting land, so the kids and I went with him yesterday to hang out and enjoy the beautiful weather. Jim and Eloise came along too. The weather started out cool and cloudy, but the sun eventually came out and warmed things up. While the guys worked, we kept busy chasing butterflies, playing catch, tossing the frisbee, coloring, riding the go-cart and 4-wheeler and sitting by the fire. Ian and Lia were fascinated by the porta-potty Chris bought and they each went to the bathroom at least 5 or 6 times while we where there. They also explored the woods and searched for branches to use to roast marshmallows. We got to the land around 10:30 in the morning and it was a little after 7 when we left. We were all tired, dirty, and smelling like smoke when we left, but we had a fun relaxing day.

Chris hired a man to come in and bulldoze some trees down in order to create a food plot for the deer. That is what the open area will be once Chris is able to get the tractor over there to get the ground ready to plant the food.
The porta-potty. Ian built the wood barrier in front to keep the bears out. :)
Getting wood for the fire
Working hard
Playing ball with Ma
Hanging out on the picnic table while the adults pack up to head home

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