Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mommy and Ian

Ian has not taken a nap all week. I told him today that he needed to have some quiet time and that he had to stay in his room for 30 minutes (I tell him what the numbers have to say on his clock). Well, after the 30 minutes were up he came downstairs looking for me. I was just getting ready to chill out on our screened in porch and look at a magazine, so I told Ian he could come join me. I think he has been feeling a little left out since he has been going to school more often this year and Lia and I are spending more time together. I enjoyed our snuggle and talk time. :) He is growing up so fast.

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Mimi said...

I bet he is missing his Mommy! He is not used to being away from you so much of the day! Love you! Mom