Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bowling Party

I took Ian to his friend Reese's birthday party this afternoon at the bowling alley. Thank goodness we took the kids bowling last weekend! I think Ian's favorite part was getting to drink pop. He was so excited to come home and tell Daddy that he drank Dr. Pepper. :) The occasion was a little sad though because Lia was very upset that she was not able to go to the party. I think this was the first birthday party Ian has gone to without Lia. She did not understand why she was not invited and she cried when I told her that she was not going with us. She loves her brother so much and wants to do everything with Ian.

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Mimi said...

Poor Lia...I bet it is hard for her to understand that she won't be invited to everything that Ian is invited to. She needs to be invited to a party by one of her new friends in her class...then, maybe she will understand.
Love you! Mom