Thursday, August 16, 2007

Indoor Water Park

Chris and I took the kids to Tulsa yesterday afternoon. We stayed the night at a hotel that has a small indoor water park that we new the kids would enjoy. The plan was to take them to the aquarium in Jenks on Thursday, but our plans changed. Ian and Lia had a great time playing at the water park and were so excited about staying the night in a hotel. So, it was really late when we all finally got to bed. But, did they sleep in the next morning? No!! They were both awake and ready for breakfast at 6:30. Chris and I managed to rest until about 7:30 and then we all got around and had breakfast. We spent the morning at the Bass Pro shop and then went to Amy's house to visit Emily and baby Ryan. Next on the list was the aquarium, but the kids were so exhausted and cranky. Chris and I decided to postpone the aquarium trip and head home instead. Thankfully, they both slept on the way home.

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