Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bathtime and Boo-Boo

After bath time this evening I was taking some pictures of Lia so I could document the horrible black-eye she has from an accident she had at the gym this morning. Ian was getting a little jealous, so he jumped into the shot. I thought is was a really cute picture of them. Lia received the black-eye from running into another little girl. She is doing well and has been playing as usual, but her face is really tender and sore. The swelling has gone down some since this morning, but it is still painful for me to look at it. She keeps telling me that her boo-boo is better. I guess she can see the concern on my face when I look at her. She is a brave girl. :)

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Jennifer said...

Poor Lia....I hope she is feeling better. I feel so bad for her. I love you Lia. Aunt Jay