Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy 3rd Birthday, Lia Faith!

Lia turned 3 today and she has been singing Happy Birthday to herself all day long. Here she is riding her new 4 Wheeler. It is really not designed for someone Lia's age, it can go 10 miles and hour! But, Chris seems to think that it will just take a little time for her and Ian to get the hang of it. I could barely watch this morning when they were trying it out for the first time. I just knew one of them was going to fall off and hurt themselves. My rule is, Daddy has to be with them when they ride it. At least until they can control it themselves! Lia absolutely loves it! :)
After trying out the 4 Wheeler, we took the kids swimming at the gym. They were very happy that Daddy was able to come along and they had a great time playing with him in the "big" pool.After swimming, we ate lunch at Camille's.
Then, this evening we went over to Ma and Pa's for dinner and Birthday cake.

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Mimi said...

Great pictures! LOVE the one of Lia on the 4-wheeler!