Saturday, November 5, 2011

Savannah Rock 'n Roll Marathon

Back in the early part of July I signed up to run the Savannah Rock 'n' Roll FULL Marathon.  I was so pumped. Since I was starting my training 4 months out and the race was close to home, I figured this would be the perfect race for me to reach my goal of running a full marathon.  I was on track with my training and was up to a 13 mile long run. Then we traveled to Arkansas for two weeks to visit family and friends and I couldn't run. The heat was miserable. When we got back home, school started and our schedules became busy again.  I also really wanted to continue my women's bible study on Thursday mornings and I knew this would take away some time for running.  So I decided to just focus on running the 1/2 marathon instead.  I still want to accomplish my goal of running a full marathon one day.

After one of my runs in mid August, Ian commented to Chris that he did not think Chris would be able to run the race.  Of course, after that, Chris went and signed up so he could prove Ian wrong.  At that time, I was still thinking I was going to run the full marathon so Chris signed up for the full too.  Even though he has never even ran a 5K!  

We both ended up running the 1/2 and it turned out to be a fun race.  The course was not as pretty as I expected, but for the most part it was flat and that was perfect for me.  They had water, bagels and bananas before the race and lots of goodies after the race as well.  Chris helped me keep a faster pace than I thought I could and I ended up finishing within a minute of my PR.  I think Chris was a little disappointed with his time.  However, he didn't really stick to his training plan and only half trained.  I know if he works a little harder he will be able to cut his time down quite a bit.

Chris' official time was 2:17 and mine was 2:20.

Freezing our behinds off before the race

Glad to be finished!

There were around 23,000 runners.  This was the hang out area after the race.

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