Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Picking up the RV

For some time Chris has been searching the internet for a used RV for our family and for his upcoming hunting trips. He found the one he wanted, but it was all the way up in Pennsylvania. So, last Thursday we loaded the truck and set out for Lancaster, PA to pick it up. Ian and Lia went with us and Ali stayed behind with Ma and Pa.

It was a long drive. We traveled in 5 states, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. It took around 13 hours with all our stops. But it went pretty fast and the kids did great. We stayed the night in York, PA and then picked the RV up on Friday morning. We made a brief stop at Wal-mart for a few supplies and then headed back south to Maryland for the night. We stayed at Cherry Hill Park right outside of Washington DC.

We had a few minor issues once we made it to camp. The inside of the RV was pretty dusty and needed a good wipe down. Thankfully, there was a store at the front of the RV park and I was able to buy some disinfecting wipes. There was also a little bit of an odor issue when Chris got the water hooked up, but once the lines were flushed everything was fine.

We had a great first night. Saturday we got up and took the Metro into Washington DC. We spent Saturday night at the camp as well and then packed up Sunday morning to head home. Overall, we had a great experience. We already have our next trip planned for a weekend in August. Thankfully, this camp is only a few hours away and we will be taking Ali Grace. We missed her!

Eating lunch at Cracker Barrel - in NC

This was in PA. It was very pretty up there. And I have never seen so many corn fields. They were everywhere!
At the RV dealership
Our camp
Our setup
Cherry Hill Park
Chris is putting the sheet on the mattress that sits on top of the platform. The whole back opens up so he can put his four wheeler in the back or we can put the golf cart back there when we travel as a family.
I took this photo with my phone so it is pretty grainy. I am standing in the kitchen and looking toward the front. This is the master. It is roomier than it looks. :)
Dinner time

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Mimi said...

Great fun! I'm ready to go on a camping adventure with all of you!