Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

I recently completed Beth Moore's bible study Jesus - The One and Only. It was the perfect study to do leading up to Easter. I highly recommend it. Sarah, a friend from my neighborhood invited me. I have to admit, it was a little strange at first. Most of the women were a lot older than us. We were not the only "young" ones, but we were definitely in the minority. I am so used to being around young (ok, not so young anymore) moms just like me. I learned so much from the older ladies. They have such great stories to share and a perspective on life and God that I don't have yet.

I love listening to Beth Moore. She has such an excitement and passion for God. At the end of the study she talks about having a burning heart for God. Here is how she puts it.

"I'm talking about entering into a love affair of prayer with Jesus Christ, where you talk to Him throughout the day as if He, the unseen One, is a far greater reality that those within your vision. I'm talking about opening up the Word, throwing back your head, face toward heaven, and saying, 'Thrill me with Your Word!' (see Psalm 119:18). Evolving into this kind of intimacy with God takes time, but the road trip is half the excitement".

I want to experience this road trip! It is so easy for me to get trapped in all the things this world has to offer, to compare myself to others, to get bogged down in the daily grind of raising kids, to be hurt and disappointed by other people, or to just feel so overwhelmed by life in general. But when I make an effort to talk to Jesus and put my faith and trust in Him I am able to gain perspective on what really matters. I realize that He wants the best for me and He helps me to see all the many blessings I have in my life! Happy Easter!


Jen said...

Loving all the pictures and posts!! We miss yall!!!!

The Dossett Family said...

Love all of this Christy! I love everything you said. Great pictures too! Especially like the close-up of Lia.

Mimi said...

Beautiful -- Love you all!