Monday, March 7, 2011

Our Home

This one's for you Jay. :)

I keep getting requests to see pictures of our new home so I am finally getting them posted. I really wanted to wait until I had the house more "completed". Whatever that means, right. I have lots of ideas and plans for each room, but at the pace I am going Ali will be in high school before the house is "completed". So, here is the bottom floor of our house. Let me give you a tour.

The Entry
to the left is the dining room and to the right is the family/front room
Dining Room
If you look closely you can see our bedroom - with an unmade bed
Family/Front Room
For now this is the reading room. We may get a piano at some point and it would go in this room.
You can see a bit of the front door to the right
The Hallway
If you go through the Family/Front Room it will lead you to this wet bar area. If you turn to the right, you will see the half bath and one of the doors to the deck.
Half-Bath straight ahead and door to the deck
Living Room
If you go down the main hallway, the living room in on the right side of the house
The door way you see is to the wet bar area and half-bath
Looking back to the front door
The Kitchen
Looking towards the kitchen from the living room
This is the kitchen view coming in from the dining room
Kitchen view from the breakfast area
The Deck
Going out the sliding doors from the living room

Looking back towards the living room and the breakfast area
That is the door by the half-bath
This little nook is off the kitchen. To the right is our bedroom and to the left is the mudroom, office area, and laundry room.

Mudroom and Laundry room straight ahead
Office Nook
The doorway and stairs lead to the garage and the guest room above the garage
Laundry Room
Front Porch - looking our from the laundry room
Our Bedroom and Bath


Mimi said...

Great pictures! It will be interesting to see how things change up over the months and years. I LOVE you new chairs!!! Love you guys!

The Ennis' said...

Love your home!! It's beautiful. Hope you all are doing great!