Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oldfield's Trim the Tree Gathering

Our neighborhood had a get together last night to trim the Christmas tree at the River Club. They had Christmas cookies and hot cocoa and apple cider. We also stayed and ate dinner for the first time at the River Club. The food was great, but Ali didn't really let Chris and I enjoy our dinner. And she was plenty of entertainment for some of our neighbors as well.

Here are the kids ornaments that they took to hang on the tree
Why is it impossible to get a good picture of all three kids!
Lia and Ali - standing by the Oldfield tree, eating a cookie

Goodies for the hot cocoa
The kids playing in the yard
This is the back of the River Club. It is a really neat old house. It was on the property before Oldfield was created. The view of the river from the house is amazing.


Emily said...

It doesn't matter if your kids are looking at the camera or not, they're still so gosh darn cute! I miss them!

Mimi said...

We miss you all! Can't wait till January when we can come and visit.