Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I've had a few people tell me lately there is no way they could ever start running for fun/exercise and they don't understand why I do it. Well, I try to explain how great I feel during and after my run but it never seems to be enough. Then I stumbled upon this quote while I was going through some old Fitness magazines and it expresses my feelings perfectly.

"After that first panting, painful, slogging-through-pudding mile, my breath, my body and my mind all enter a kind of blissful rhythmic sync. A weird inner energy seems to surface, and I have an 'I can' feeling that crescendos into the ultimate post-run 'I did' feeling".

Lynda Twardowski

I can't say that every time I step on the treadmill or run on the track at the gym I feel this way, but that is the hope. And that is why I keep running.

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