Saturday, June 6, 2009

To The Cabin We Go

We went over to the cabin yesterday afternoon and spent the night for the first time as a family of five. Ali did really well, especially since we were all staying in one big room. We ended up putting the pack-n-play in the loft area so she could have a little separation from the noise and commotion. We took a couple of fans too to help mask some of the noise. Saturday morning we drove over to the Kings River to do some fishing. When we arrived, Ian took his fishing pole from Chris and went to his spot and started fishing without any help. He really loves it. Lia didn't really care about fishing, she just wanted to play in the water. Ali eventually went to sleep so I was able to fish a little too. But, I did not catch one fish! I was a little disappointed. I guess I just didn't have the touch. The boys caught quite a few. One fish had just eaten a crawfish and you could see it in its mouth. We had lunch by the river and then went back to the cabin to get things packed up to head home.

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Ashley said...

I LOVE this post! What fun! I still cannot believe that Chris and his Dad built this cabin. Amazing!