Monday, May 25, 2009

Ian and Lia's Museum

During their weekend fishing trip, the boys went to the Ponca Elk Education Center in Ponca, Arkansas. Ian came home with a ton of literature about Arkansas wildlife. At the education center, Chris and Ian looked at many exhibits with hides, skulls and other interesting artifacts. Some of them were labeled "You can touch" and "Please don't touch". They also learned that Ponca, AR was named after Ponca City, the town I grew up in in Oklahoma. There were miners working in the area and once the town was big enough for a post office they had to officially name the town. Since most of the miners were from Ponca City, they named the town Ponca.
Ian had heard that his cousin, Mason, had taken home a cows skull when he had visited Grandpa and Grandma Voth's farm in Texas a few months ago. So before we left for Texas, Ian repeatedly asked me and Lia to find him a cows skull while we were there. Papa, Mimi and Lia took a drive on grandpa's farm in search of a cows skull. No such luck. But, they did find a cows butt bone and a rib bone.
So, once we got back. Ian and Lia created their very own museum in Ian's room to showcase the cow bones and a few other items Ian already owned. And of course, they were labeled with "You can tuch" and "Do not tuch". :)

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