Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ali's First Week

Ali is one week old today. She is a really good baby and has been eating and sleeping well. We have our good and bad nights, but overall I can't complain. We have just hung out at home this week except for a trip to the pediatricians office yesterday. She was only down 3 ounces from her birth weight. That was good news. We go back next week for another weight check. Ian and Lia check on her each morning and Lia, especially, has been such a good helper.

Ian and Lia reading to Ali
Proud Big Brother
Sis and Sissy
Sleeping with daddy
Mimi has been such a big help this week
Getting examined by the doctor
And Ali makes three, oh my!


The Ennis' said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Maybe I need 4!!!! No, I just need to have friends that keep having babies :).

amyj said...

Look at her!! I loved getting to hold her today. She's so sweet and gorgeous!!

Jennifer said...

I can't wait to see her this weekend! She is so precious!

Ashley said...

So sweet...and I'm so impressed that you are keeping up with your blog!

Christy Murphy said...
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