Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Let's Have A Wedding

Ian and Lia recently looked at our wedding photo album and today after school they decided to have their own wedding. Lia picked out her white dress and Ian put on a button down shirt. Ian chose the sparkly barrette for Lia to wear in her hair and he also decided what flowers they would use. They walked down the aisle and even kissed on the lips. Lia was so happy about this detail because Ian is usually reluctant to kiss her on the lips. After the kiss, they drank apple juice from fancy glasses and fed each other cake. It was really sweet. And, I did not help them along on the process. They knew exactly how they wanted to play " let's have a wedding".


amyj said...

Ok, that one of them making the "toast" with the wine glasses, without explanation, might, perhaps, make you look a little like a bad mother....letting your babies drink wine?? :)

Ashley said...

Priceless, Christy!