Sunday, September 7, 2008

Deer and Acorns

Grandma and Grandpa came down from Kansas City for the weekend. Grandpa went over to the land with the guys to do some more work on the cabin and Grandma hung out with me and the kids. Saturday morning Ian was out on the deck playing with his BB gun when he ran inside proclaiming that there was a deer in the backyard following Mae Mae (the dog who hangs out in our neighborhood) around. Sure enough Mae Mae was laying in the grass and the deer was close behind. The deer was out by the storage shed but eventually made his way all the way up to the deck. We stayed quiet until he had eaten almost all of my roses and then we tried to get the deer to go away. He did not seem to mind us yelling at him, he just stood there looking at us. It was really strange. I think he would have let me pet him if I had wanted to. Ian had put some peanuts and almonds on the ground to try and entice a squirrel into range for his BB gun and the deer made his way over and ate a few, then pooped in our yard. He eventually followed Mae Mae into the front yard and then they went to the Dossett's house.

Grandma played outside with Ian and Lia for a long time Sunday morning. They found a dead snake and then gathered a ton of acorns. So what do you do with a bucket full of acorns? You paint them. :)

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Mimi said...

Great pictures of the deer...and, I love all of your "shadow heads" above the deck railing! And, those acorns looked cool! Where was Lia?