Monday, August 4, 2008

Progress on the Cabin

The guys worked really hard all weekend to get the floor down on the cabin. They worked from morning to dark on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the unbearable heat. Friday, they got all the supporting beams notched for the girders. Saturday turned out to be a frustrating and long day because Chris purchased the wrong size bolts and ended up having to drive to Branson to exchange them. Once they had the correct bolts, they were able to get the girders bolted into place Saturday late afternoon and evening. Sunday was spent getting the floor joists in place and putting down the plastic and tar paper. They also began laying the plywood floor, but ran out of daylight before they could get finished. It is looking great and all the prep work should be done by the time the cabin is delivered on the 12th.


Mimi said...

WOW! Great progress! Things are really taking shape!

The Ennis' said...

Wow! I'm so impressed that they are doing this. It was good seeing you yesterday! Do you shop in Rogers very often? My sister lives in Bentonville now so I hope to make it up there more. Your kids are adorable!!