Saturday, August 2, 2008

Flowers and Showers

Ian went with Chris over to the land to work on the cabin today and he brought back these beautiful sunflowers for me. While the boys were working, Lia and I went to my friend Jill's baby shower. She is expecting baby Liv in September. We celebrated with a mother/daughter tea. Lia had a fabulous time with the other little girls and was so excited about attending her first baby shower. She loved all the sweets and sandwiches, especially the petite-fors, and on the way home she had a major sugar crash! The girls put on a little show for the mommy's and they all helped Jill open her gifts.
Jill and big sister, Kate

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Mimi said...

What great pictures! I think the one of Lia is the best I've EVER seen! Love you! Mom