Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Day of "Big" School

Ian started kindergarten today at the "big" school. He has been looking forward to this day ever since he visited the school this past summer. We walked in and he sat down at his desk and was ready to start the day. When I picked him up I decided to go ahead and join the car pool line instead of going inside to get him. However, we were first in line because I wanted my baby to see us right away when he came out the front doors. He had a great day and his favorite things were music class and recess. And the coolest part, according to Ian, was getting to see Drake, our next door neighbor who is in the 3rd grade. Ian got to wave and say hi to Drake when his class was walking to music.
Lia was so excited for Ian and she kept talking about how she was going to get to go to Ian's school next year


amyj said...

It's so redundant to say I can't believe he's so grown up, but I can't believe he's so grown up!! What size are those shoes???

Mimi said...

Great pictures! It is GREAT to be a kid and experience everything for the first time. Love you!