Tuesday, July 8, 2008

HHI - Singing with Greg

Since this was our last full day here, we spent the day at the beach. Tonight we decided to go to the Greg Russell concert one last time in hopes that Ian or Lia would get picked to sing. The odds were against us since Ian had already been chosen a few days before, but Ian got picked again! It must be his adorable face. :) Anyway, he sang "5 Little Ducks". Unfortunately, Greg cut him off before he could finish the last verse (he thought the song was over), but Ian really enjoyed singing and even took the mike from Greg during his song.

This is a picture of the bikes we have been riding. Lia started off with me, but she was a little more unstable than Ian so he ended up riding behind me. It was kind of uncomfortable for me to ride the bike since I am pregnant, but the kids loved them. There are bike paths throughout the entire Sea Pines plantation and it really is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and to get to the beach, Harbour Town, the breakfast shop, or wherever.

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