Friday, July 4, 2008

HHI - Fourth of July

This morning we went on Greg Russell's Bubble Gum Cruise. He is the man I mentioned earlier who performs each night in Harbour Town. The boat takes everyone out for dolphin watching, games and to sing-a-long with Mr. Russell. The cruise was for an hour and a half and it was very hot today. They did have a snack bar on board the boat, but did not inform us that it was cash only. And, you guessed it, we did not have any cash with us. So we were all very thirsty and cranky by the time the boat docked back into the Harbour. They did not even have a water jug with paper cups. I was not happy. We did get to see many dolphins and when we were in the shade, the boat ride was very pleasant. And, we ran into Mike and Jim, the two guys who helped us out on Wednesday, along with their wives and families. I was able to fill them in on how I was doing and to thank them again for their help.

Greg Russell
Part of the cruise involved a scavenger hunt once we were back to the marina. There were two CD's hidden under the big oak tree that Mr. Russell performs under each night. Chris found one!
Ma and Pa came over to our condo this evening and we all walked over to Harbour Town to have dinner at The Crazy Crab and to see the fireworks display behind the lighthouse.

Once we were finished with dinner, we quickly grabbed some rockers to hang out in while we waited for the fireworks to start.

We had about two hours to wait, so Chris took the kids to the top of the lighthouse to look around.

In this picture you can see people on the golf course waiting for the fireworks show.

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