Friday, April 18, 2008

My Little Girl

I took Lia to a dermatologist today because she has had these little bumps on her stomach and legs for a few weeks now. The doctor put some medicine on them and then instructed us to wash the medicine off with soap and water 3 hours later. The medicine made the bumps blister and it was uncomfortable for Lia. So, when we got home we laid down on our bed to rest until it was time to wash the medicine off. Of course, Lia was not up for actually closing her eyes and going to sleep (although I would have loved to have done just that). We talked for a little bit and then Lia pretended to playfully spit in my face. She was surprised when I actually did spit in her face. I don't know if spit is the right word, you know when you just put your lips together and just blow out. Anyway, she loved it and we proceeded to take turns "spitting" in each others face. We were both laughing and giggling so hard. It was a very precious moment that I hope never to forget. Later, after we had washed off the medicine, I was putting Neosporin on all the bumps and covering them with band aids and Lia asked me "Mommy does everyone have Jesus in their heart?". I told her "they do if they ask Him to be in their heart". Then she said, "I want the baby to have Jesus in its heart". I do too little girl :)

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