Sunday, April 20, 2008

Brotherly Love

We were taking a walk with Mimi and Papa today around Har-ber Meadows and Lia fell down and skinned both her knees and shins. And, since she still has the boo-boos on her stomach and legs in addition to her newly scraped up knees, she was hurting badly and crying on the way home. Then, Ian jumps in and saves the day. He started acting goofy and was doing everything in his power to get Lia to laugh so she would forget about the pain she was feeling. It worked. A few minutes later she was happy and giggling. I totally saw Chris in Ian during this drive home. When I am down or upset about something, I can always count on Chris to cheer me up by acting goofy or saying something funny. I love this quality about him. Ian and Lia may not get along all the time, but I truly saw the love between them on the way home today. :)

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