Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lia's Haircut

Over the last few months, it has been torture for both me and Lia when it is time to comb her hair. She absolutely HATES having her hair combed. And every time I try to fix it she ends up in tears and is constantly grabbing at her head while I am trying to comb her hair. So, I finally realized it was not worth all the fuss and today she had about 3 1/2 inches cut off. She was begging me to cut if off last night, but I told her she had to wait for Ms. Teresa to cut it. She even told Chris this morning that she "could not deal with it anymore". Wonder where she heard that from? :) She looks adorable and she says that it feels a lot better, which is what really matters, right?


Mimi said...

She looks really cute! We like it. Papa says that she looks like her Mommy!!! Love you!

Jennifer said...

I think she looks adorable! I agree with Papa - she is looking more like her mommy!

Ashley said...

Super cute!!!