Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Special Friend Cheer

Ian told me today about a "Special Friend Cheer" that they perform in his class each day. Here is how it would go on the day that Ian is the "Special Friend" -

Ian: "Give me an I"

Class: "I"

Ian: "Give me and A"

Class: "A"

Ian: "Give me and N"

Class: "N"

Ian: "What does that say?"

Class: "Ian"

Ian: "What does that mean?"

Class: "Friend"

He really enjoyed performing the cheer for me. He had arm motions too. :) He was in such a good mood today after school and one of his new friends, Jared, came over to give him a "high five" in the parking lot before we left. Today I am thinking we did the right thing by putting him in the kindergarten class. We will see how I feel tomorrow. :)

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