Friday, September 7, 2007

Family Night

We went to dinner at Noodles this evening. The one evening that they did not have cups with lids. And we did not have any sippy cups in the car. We made it through dinner without any major spills, thank goodness. We got the kids a cheese pizza to share, but they were more interested in eating my spaghetti noodles. At one point, Chris told Lia that she needed to eat her dinner and that she had not even touched her pizza. Lia looked at Chris and then proceeded to take her finger and touch her pizza all over. Chris and I just started laughing, loudly. It was hilarious.

After dinner we took the kids to the bowling ally for the first time. They loved it! I had to keep telling Ian to calm down because he was so excited. It was a constant battle to get them both to sit in a chair when it was not their turn. We helped them take their turn at first, but they soon wanted to do it all by themselves. Lia even tried to kick it with her foot a couple of times. Anything to get a few pins down. :) We only played one game because it took forever to just get through the one game. Ian and Lia were both upset when it was time to leave. We will definitely be going back to play again. After bowling, we went for ice cream at Shake's. Yum, yum.

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