Saturday, August 4, 2007

Bean Counters

My friend, Andra, is having her first child in October and I went to Tulsa today for her baby shower. Andra and I met at the Baptist Student Union at Oklahoma State University. We were both Accounting majors and in turn had many classes together. We also shared an apartment my last year of school. Which was also the year that Chris was teaching school in Georgia and I was planning our wedding. Needless to say, I missed Chris very much. But, thankfully, Andra was there to lift my spirits and we became close friends. I also had many classes with Kim, another bean counter, who was at the shower too. I enjoyed talking and catching up with her.While I was in Tulsa, the kids enjoyed a fun day with Daddy. He took them to breakfast and then to play at Lokomotion. They got to ride the go-carts and bumper boats and Ian was so excited about all the tickets he won from the arcade games. This evening while they were eating dinner at Applebee's, Ian saw an "Ultimate Fighter" show on TV and told Chris that he was going to do that when he grew up. Chris told Ian that he was not going to do that and Ian replied with, "Yes, I can. When I grow up I can boss my onself around".

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