Monday, June 4, 2007

Ponca City

We traveled to Ponca City this past weekend for a visit with the Williams clan. Our trip to Ponca on Friday was pretty miserable. Chris had to work until 7pm, so we did not end up leaving until 8:30. Then we got caught in a terrible storm outside of Tulsa. When we left, Ian said he was so glad that we had a long trip ahead of us so he could "talk the whole way". And he almost did. Ian and Lia finally went to sleep around 10:30, but when we got to the hotel around 11:45 they both woke up. After we got to our room and everyone was ready for bed, Lia decided she was not going to sleep and she kept saying that she had to use the bathroom. So, it was around 1:30 or so before we were all asleep. Saturday turned out a lot better and the kids took a really long nap! :)

Here we are at Enrique's(a local Mexican Restaurant) eating lunch. The chips are amazing.

Here are all the kiddos at the Herb Festival Saturday morning.

After naps, we went to Jay's house. I did not get the kids swimsuits from the hotel because I thought it was way to cold for them to swim, but they thought otherwise. Matthew and Mason do a great job swimming and playing in the pool, but my kids need an adult to swim with them since the pool is too deep for them to touch. Papa was the only adult willing to get into the pool. It was freezing! He took turns taking Lia and Ian out into the middle. They had a blast, especially Lia. Thanks, Papa. :)

Chad and Amy were also in town for the weekend. Chad has a 1968 Camaro that his dad gave to him and he has recently finished the restoration process. There was a Car Show at the lake and Chad entered his Camaro. He and Amy were going to drive it over to Jay's house Saturday evening, but they had car seat issues. :) Lia and Emily had fun playing with Mason's giant blow-up weeble wobble.

My sister Misti was also in town for a wedding so we got to catch up as well.

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