Sunday, May 20, 2007

Swimming in the Big Pool

We went over to the James' this afternoon to swim and eat dinner. John made some delicious ribs, but I have to say, the best part was the ice cream sundaes Amy had for dessert. She had homemade hot fudge, caramel sauce, whipped cream and salted pecans - just like the Bopper from Shakes that I got all the time when I was pregnant with Lia. So good!

The kids had such a great time. This was our first experience in a big pool this summer. I was very curious to see how Ian and Lia would do in the water. Ian spent most of his time in the hot tub or on the stairs. He really enjoyed playing in the fountains and totally believed that John was able to turn them on (along with the bubbles in the hot tub) with the snap of his fingers. Lia started off playing on the stairs, but she got braver and braver and by the end of the day she was putting her flotation ring on by herself and was swimming around in the deep part of the pool. I was so impressed and relieved that she felt so comfortable around the water. She did not even eat dinner or much of her ice cream because she was so excited and focused on getting back into the pool.

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